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Little boy with third birthday crown covering his face, wearing payphone costume

M at his 3rd Birthday Party. He is dressed as a Payphone and, yes, it is awesome.

Today, my baby turned three.  With all the fanfare and over indulgence fitting such an age, he turned three.  Three.  THREE.  Whew.  I said it.  It feels like we have crawled here and, simultaneously, taken a bullet train.  When M was first born, I remember someone saying that the first six months creep by and the first six years fly.  I have visions of my boy at eighteen and can already feel time moving too quickly.

It is amazing to look back at all it took to create M.  Deciding who would carry him.  Choosing his donor.  Losing the first pregnancy so that M could come to us.  And now, here we are.  Together we have made it to three.

He is funny as hell, which I am counting on to help us all survive this next year of his life.  It seems that most toddlers have some sort of rapid-cycling emotional disorder.  One minute he will be laughing and having a great time and the next he is hiding his face under that table because the waitress tried to sing him Happy Birthday.  Over the next year, I will probably write a lot about this disparity.  I will also write a lot about the funny things he says.  Mainly because funny things are more…fun.

Tonight, on his first day of three, I bring to you installment one:
The M Chronicles
“Mama? On the weekend, can we call Lady Gaga and see if she wants to come over to play?  I think she would be really nice to me.”
“Uh…I don’t think she would be able to, Buddy.”
“Well, could we call her and see if I can go to her house?”
“We can’t really call her, Buddy.”
“Why not?”
“Well…we don’t know her.”
“I’m disappointed.  I really wanted to hang out with her.”

If any of you know Lady Gaga and can get her the message, I’d appreciate it.


Don’t You…Forget About Me

Hello everyone.  ‘Tis me.  Betsy.  You may have thought I have forgotten about you all due to the silence emanating from my computer.  Alas, no.  I have not forgotten about you.  Life has been crazy of late.  Here is a quick run down:  My dear S has developed a lovely reaction to fertility treatments.  This translated to two weeks in bed, anti-nausea pills, lots of Gatorade and squash soup.  In the middle of that, M was sick.  Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday) came and went.  Hannukah started, continued and finally ended.  I lost my wallet then found it days later.  My phone died so I couldn’t complain to anyone b/c I am so reliant on my phone I have no numbers stored in my head.  AND M’s birthday party was yesterday.  (My mom saved the day by making all the food except for cupcakes.)

I have been on parenting/house/dog duty 99% of the time for 14 days and I am just exhausted.  Things are looking up (thus a few minutes alone in a room with the door shut to write).  I wanted to share a few highlights from these last days because, even when life is hard, there is much to be happy about and grateful for.

1)  The ups and downs of having one bathroom:  So, M likes me to bathe with him, which I also adore.  In the middle of S being super sick, she ended up puking into the toilet while we were in the tub…about ten inches away.  M covered his ears (having only heard a cat vomit previously) and asked Ima to stop.  A few minutes later, when S had picked herself up off the floor and made it back to bed, M turns to me, “When Ima throws-up, she sounds like a peacock.”

2)  In preparation for his birthday party, M helped me make cupcakes.  We made chocolate and strawberry, as he requested.  After they were done baking, he decided that he should keep all the chocolate ones and just give his guests strawberry because he “doesn’t really like it”.  Mind you, when he said this, he had just finished licking the beaters and had strawberry icing all over his face.

3)  In order to get my workouts in, M had to come with me b/c I couldn’t leave him home with S.  He sits in the corner with the iPad and watched a movie while a group of people sweat and move on the other side of the gym.  After watching for a while on Friday, he decided he wanted to do some exercise.  We went out to the parking lot where he learned how to do jumping jacks, push-ups and high-knees.  A sight to behold.

I am sure there are more highlights that have gotten lost in the fog that is my sleep-deprived, desperately-in-need-of-alone-time brain.  Hope to be back soon.