Help me.

Tomorrow, I will travel to California with a toddler…all by myself.  My mom likes to tell a story (well, probably many stories) about traveling cross-country on a plane with me as an infant and my six-year old brother all the while people chain smoked cigarettes.  I am SO glad that won’t be me, but I am a little nervous.

M is a good boy.  He is mostly calm and compliant (except when he isn’t).  I have a huge backpack full of new treasures, good books and an iPad.  I have another back full of food, healthy and otherwise, to keep him entertained.  I have a wheelie cart for the car seat.  I am all set, and yet, I am still nervous.  It is not like I don’t spend every day with M, managing crises in public and negotiating until I am blue in the face.  I think it is the getting on and off the plane, making connections if said negotiating ensues and the general exhaustion that will come from anticipated lack of napping.

The nerves could also have something to do with the fact that we are heading to honor the life of a dear friend.  It will be M’s first memorial service and incredibly emotional for the whole family.  So, maybe it is not nerves, just overwhelm.

Wish me luck, on all counts.  I will keep you posted (I am sure you will all wait on the edge of your seats).



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