A Moment of Awe

Some nights, having one child is a lot.  He is amazing and stubborn and each moment before bed sometimes seems like an hour.  Most nights, by the time he is asleep, we can only do the bare minimum before getting ourselves to bed.

We went to visit S’s family this past weekend.  They happen to live in the same city as a friend of mine from a million years ago and her family.  I got to spend some quality with my friend, which brings me (after a little explanation) to a moment of awe.  My friend, S, has two-month old twins and a 2.5-year old.  Her partner had to go back to work on Friday for the first time since the twins were born.  I was able to go visit with S and the twins and get some serious baby love.

My family came over to visit after S’s 2.5-year old came home from school. As we were leaving and I was wondering how the hell anyone could raise twins, an amazing thing happened.  Both S and her partner, R, were holding a baby. Their toddler ran across the driveway and fell on both knees (we all know how much that hurts).  She started screaming.  R, with a baby on one arm, scooped up 30lbs of hot mess like it was nothing.  S held her arm out to take the other twin, and they shuffled children with perfect precision, all needs met at once.

Some nights, I can’t even get my kid’s teeth brushed.  Tonight, I am amazed at these two people.  Maybe when I grow up, I can be like them.



2 responses to “A Moment of Awe

  1. All motherhood is hard. I too have a friend who had a 2 year old and infant twins… she is a homeschooler AND her husband was in grad school. I couldn’t fathom it. I had no idea how to help. Parenthood is subjective, but I am in awe of people with multiples, whether or not they have any other children. Two singletons is a lot of work, but two infants… wow. More power to them! They get bonus points in life!! 😉

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