Today has been a whopper of a day.  My sleep-deprived child woke up with fire coming out of his eyes, a steaming dragon.  Since 5:30 a.m., that child has been with us.  My sweet, compliant, snuggly boy has gone into hiding.

Could there have been a better night to try a new approach to sleep training?  I think the answer is yes, but we did it anyway.  We have allowed ourselves to become his sleep crutch.  He is a pain in the ass (chatting, singing, whispering, asking questions) for a LONG time.  Regardless of what we tell him, he flip-flops sides of his bed about twelve times, requesting a blanket adjustment and that his water cup be relocated to the new side.  He wants his back patted and his hand held.  And we, in desperation for some quiet at the end of a long day, have acquiesced.  I know we are responsible for digging the hole that we once again find ourselves in.  Regardless, it sucks.

It sucks to hear him crying for companionship.  It sucks to hear him sad about these changes.  It sucks that he isn’t one of those kids who came out of the womb asleep.  It just sucks.


PS.  If your kid is a good sleeper and can put himself to sleep unaided, please don’t comment on this post.  If you do, I will hunt you down and make my crazy-ass shih tzu move in to your house.  And, trust me, you don’t want that.


3 responses to “Whopper

  1. I’m so sorry you are having so much trouble with sleeping! I know that crying is heartbreaking! 😦 Hang in there.

  2. My son was a horrible sleeper until kindergarten. Then he became a great sleeper. Probably not what you want to hear. We did EVERY.THING. CIO, co sleep, sit with him, sit near him, sneak out of the room. Turns out it was growth. It kept him up. It woke him up. He has learned to deal with it (cause he sure hasn’t stopped…)
    My daughter was a horrid sleeper until about 3… then she got it. She still wakes up once a night (unless she is at someone else’s house and then she sleeps through the night… grrrrrrr!) but will go back to sleep with a hug and a kiss (usually.!)
    It DOES pass. And eventually, you will have uninterrupted sleep (among other things… *coughwinkcough*) until then, much luck. May you succeed where other have failed. I hope you find something that helps, and I am sure you will. I totally, most definitely, positively sucks. And I feel your pain.

  3. We’re a stage where my son just wants me… If I’m getting him to sleep, he just wants to talk/sing/anything, and will stay awake the entire time I’m in there. When my spouse puts him to sleep, he cries the entire time forme, but falls asleep within 20 minutes… Then there’s the new night-waking and the insistence that he either sleep with us or I sleep with him… It’s been weeks since he’s slept through the night.

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