Yes. Yes, I did.


Tonight, I did it.  In a hurried moment, I didn’t even think twice.  I just got in my car and drove to Home Depot wearing socks and Crocs.  That is who I am now.  I am the parent who has so little time some days that all sense of what is right and wrong has gone out the window.  I confess, I did that.

Beyond my obvious fashion failure today (and really, no offense meant if this is part of your daily ensemble), I was aware of how quickly time is passing.  Day to-day, minutes are full of household chores, new discoveries and adventures and squeezing in couple time which usually revolves around Downton Abbey these days.  Week to week and month to month, I lose little pieces of who my son was in those moments, now swallowed by who he is becoming.

My boy said something funny last night as he was falling asleep, “Ima. M needs to talk.  When M is a grown-up, I want to drink beer. That’s ok M do that.”  Beyond just being a funny thing for a 2 1/2 year old to say, it was also poignant.  I pictured my grown son with his facial hair and tattoos (cause if you know him, you know it’s coming), sitting next to me at the bar.  I know that I will blink and we will be there for real.

Today, I am reminded to slow down, to stop and take a second to absorb the seconds, to breathe deeply because this will all pass so quickly.  Maybe, if I take a moment to do these things, I will remember to take my socks off before I leave the house.



2 responses to “Yes. Yes, I did.

  1. My son now has a beard and is covered with tattoos, and this happened in like six seconds. BTW, I still leave the house in yoga pants, oversized t-shirts, and Birkenstocks… There’s something about parenting that makes fashion a low priority (or least that’s MY excuse).

  2. Hello, new follower to your blog here and I must say, you really struck a chord in me with the 1st blog I read. Bedtime is a big chore for our house as well (2 1/2 yr old boy) and sometimes in the, Will you Please go to sleep? moments I forget how quickly time passes us by. I took a moment the other night to truly enjoy the arm draped over my face and the light breathing as my boy finally wound down from the day. I’ll miss these moments and although it’s hard to see now, I’m sure I will miss the refusal of any type of pants while we’re at home playing in the backyard!

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