Two Mamas

images-4Yesterday at the playground I could tell M was working something out.  He would look at the family next to us, three kids and their dad, then smile a little.  I didn’t think much of it.  He was more than content on the tire swing, so we just kept swinging.  After a few minutes went by, he looked at me, smiled and said, “Their daddy is pushing them.  That’s funny.”
“Why is that funny?”
“Just funny.  M doesn’t have a daddy.  M has two mamas.  A Mama and an Ima,” as he threw back his head and laughed a big open mouth laugh as he continued to spin around while he flew back and forth.

The other day, my mom told me that a friend of hers asked what we are going to tell M about not having a father.  She apparently said it like “that poor thing”.  We have always been honest with M about having two moms and not having a dad.  Of course we will explain what a donor is one day, but M is being raised to know that there are all kinds of families.  His Ima has one dad and no mom.  I have a mom and a dad.  He has friends with one mom, a mom and a dad, two moms, two dads.  We surround ourselves with loving people from a variety of contexts.  So, to my mother’s friend, we tell him he has two moms who love him more than anything.  Seems to me, he’s gotten the message.



5 responses to “Two Mamas

  1. The kids at daycare finally put it together that EJ has two moms (it was a slow mental process–and kind of funny to watch). It’s been a couple weeks and the older ones now announce as we are leaving that ‘EJ has two mommies!’ They seem to think it’s pretty great, too.

  2. thanks for posting this…as a two dad family I always cherish these stories as sacred and special and I store them up in my tiny brain for use at a later date..

  3. He sure seems to have a lovely handle on it. Cute boy.

  4. This is great. I want to raise Punky in the same sort of environment. I want it to be normal to her to have two moms. I want her to think it’s normal for her friend to have a mom and a dad or two dads. Well put! You inspire me and I am so glad to have someone to read from who has an older kid, so I can prepare myself through your stories!

  5. This is such a great post, I could totally feel M’s joy as I read it.

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