If my son is straight…

If my son is straight, his girlfriends can go ahead and thank me for raising such an enlightened man.  (If he is gay, this story might not matter very much.)

So, M is so young that we are only now starting to ask for privacy in the bathroom.  Sometimes, he just walks in even if we ask for said privacy as we have not gotten into the habit of using the lock.  No big deal except that M has two moms and about once a month each, a special visitor comes to town. Got it?

Today, M and I are out and about in the car.  He had just been singing at the top of his lungs.  When the song ended, he grinned at me and said, “Look Mama! A pad!”  He had proudly stuffed a wad of paper between his legs.

I am sure this is one of those stories that he will one day (like when he is 12) want to kill me for sharing, but it kind of made my night.



One response to “If my son is straight…

  1. THIS. This is awesome. LOL – I needed a good laugh, thanks for that!

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