Thanks, Mom


Yesterday, my mother gave my son a kazoo.  (I could just end there, huh?)

So, yesterday what really happened is that my son fell in love with a kazoo.  We have had at least 3 hours of kazoo time in the last two days.  Loud.  Obnoxious.  Kazoo.  It has been grating on my nerves like crazy.  I have had visions of watching the kazoo tumble off a cliff or accidentally get run over by a very large car.  My ears burned and I felt a little like vomiting until…

M is really into the song Some Nights by Fun.  So, I turned it on fairly loud in the car hoping he would start singing like he usually does.  Today, however, the song came on and he played his kazoo right along.  It was maybe the funniest thing I have ever seen.  His head was bobbing and his feet were flopping all around as he played his little heart out.  I fell halfway in love with the kazoo in that moment.

The other half (making me also fully in love with that super annoying little piece of metal) came when we pulled up to the grocery store to grab a little lunch and this really cool guy was playing a kazoo he had rigged up right next to his harmonica.  He was playing guitar and the kazoo at the same time.  M was in rapture.  We had to go get his kazoo from the car to show this guy.  He thought M was pretty neat and told him all about being a musician.  That episode sealed the deal for me and the kazoo.  Who knew?

So, my kind-of-shitty day was turned around by a little boy and his terrible kazoo playing that made me laugh out loud despite myself.  Thanks, Mom.





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