And we’re back…

P1060396I took a week off from writing.  We went to the beach, played in the ocean and had a great time just  being together as a family.  And now I am back.  I wanted to take a little time away from this blog also.  Sometimes it is hard to keep writing every day not knowing who is reading, if anyone.  It is a challenge to make oneself vulnerable by posting about parenting’s trials.  The time away had me thinking about why I want to write this blog in the first place.  I want to write, I remembered, because I can recall how alone I felt in those first few months of my son’s life.  Trying to figure out where I belonged in my own family and in the eyes of the world at large was exhausting.  So, now that I have a good idea of where I fit, I write to share my experiences.  I write to let you know that you aren’t alone.  Sometimes I write because I want to hear from you.  I want to know your experiences to help me feel not so alone.  I write for all of those reasons.  So, just a short one today. Titillating topics to come…


PS. Way to go Minnesota!  12th state to pass marriage equality!


3 responses to “And we’re back…

  1. I’m reading. And enjoying. And thinking you shouldn’t start sentences with the word ‘and’.

  2. Martha Christensen

    I don’t always respond like I should. I know that writers enjoy feedback and I apologize as I truly, really, enjoy your work. I feel like I know you and I wish I could connect personally. I am old, a grandmother, and a lover of all things involved in being a parent of an active, intelligent, sweet child. You describe all of this with such eloquence that it brings me back to those days of motherhood. I have missed your postings and am glad you had a vacation.

  3. Hi! I’m reading. It’s hard to comment sometimes…like it’s hard for me to blog. But I appreciate your continuing to write!

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