images-2Here are a couple of things about my boy that I just don’t understand.
1) When he is with me, he puts himself to sleep at nap time in about 10 minutes and will usually sleep for 2.5 – 3 hours.  When he is with S for nap time, he refuses to put himself to sleep, will only fall asleep nursing and usually sleeps for under 1.5 hours.  WTF?

2) At night-time, S usually puts M to bed.  While he does put himself to sleep, it usually takes 45 minutes to an hour for him to do so.  WTF?

3) M and I had a great day today.  Lots of playing, social time, great nap, no whining.  We walked to meet S after work.  As soon as we got to the front porch, he starts whining, not following directions and, before long, we are in full-blown melt down mode.  No sugar today.  Right on time for bed. Fun day.  WTF?

4) He tells me over and over again that he doesn’t like nuts.  If I hand him a nut, he will chew it up and then spit the masticated remnants into his hand, then transfer to mine.  Tonight, I made stir-fry and put almond slivers in. When he asked what they were, I said crunchy almond slivers.  Apparently he now loves everything crunchy.

Children are strange creatures.



One response to “Almonds

  1. This made me chuckle 🙂 My toddler (turned 2 in Feb) has great days with my girlfriend…no moaning, no tantrums, no meltdown if she has to walk. As soon as I turn up on the scene it’s like a switch flicks in her head and she’s like ‘oooo yey there’s mammy, let’s be a pain in the ass!’ She will eat chicken at nursery but spit it out at home! Glad it’s not just my baby 🙂

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