Things I am Grateful For

For the rest of this week, I want to talk about gratitude.  Today, I am grateful for a new baby monitor.  After two years of holding the cord just right (wrap it twice around the antenna, not too tight) in order to get power to the no longer portable monitor, time after time of shutting itself off in the middle of the night, bizarre freak outs where the volume would turn itself all the way up and not allow you to turn it down, and random power surges, help has arrived.

I got the cheapest video monitor at some big-box store (sometimes we like to watch him sleep, is that so wrong?) and I didn’t really even look at the box.  I got it home and plugged it in, waited the 12 hours for it to fully charge and then I saw it: a talk-back button.  Eureka! I’ll explain why.  I have a little pad set up on the floor of my boy’s room.  As the non-nursing mother, I have night duty.  My boy, at almost 2.5, would nurse all night long if we let him, so we just keep those boobs far away.  Now, I have a little pallet set up right beside his crib.  It is this short mattress that my legs hang off of, so I pull a large decorative pillow up to the end, wedge a nursing stool at the end of that to hold it in place, so that I have a place to put my feet.  I usually cover myself with a thin adult sized blanket, topped with his toddler-sized comforter.  When he begins to stir around 4 a.m., I will go lay on my pallet and do my best shushing, trying to keep him mostly asleep until at least 6:30.

Back to the talk-back button.  I can now TALK TO HIM FROM THE COMFORT OF MY BED!  I can press a little button and shush my little heart out without having to get up.  No cord wrangling.  No electronic ghosts in my room.  Thus, eureka!  Night one was a success.  I didn’t go into his room until after 7 a.m.  Life changing eureka!  I might actually be able to sleep more than 45 minutes at a time! Yeah!



One response to “Things I am Grateful For

  1. Wow, you have quite the arrangement there and it sounds like a the new monitor may help you get some more rest! 🙂 It’s great to find silver linings in the day and this sounds like an awesome one to me.

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