The Weeping

All of a sudden, I have a weepy boy.  Last night, he cried hysterically for 35 minutes because, on the way from the car into the house he accidentally let the dog’s leash go.  The dog ran 15 feet past our door and that was enough to send my weepy boy over the edge.  Today, he woke from his nearly three-hour nap sobbing.  Usually, I know he is awake because he is singing.  He is not a crier.  When he hurts himself, his usual response is, “Ouch. That hurt M’s (insert body part here).”  Then he moves on.  I think we have moved into uncharted territory.  Nothing works to console him.  Not the usual songs.  Not the promise of outside time or food or cuddle time.  He is a like a teenager without the acne.  Everyone keeps saying that three is worse than two.  Yikes.  That’s all I have to say.



One response to “The Weeping

  1. Two is definitely challenging… and three, eh, yeah…I don’t know if I’d say harder so much as different challenges. 4, 5, 6, and 7 also bring on new and uncharted challenges. I will say, I remember the crying phase, and either it was relatively short, or I blocked it out. hehe. My girl still cries over somethings, but it’s much shorter now and since she is more verbal than when she was 2 it’s easier to console. I hope it is short for you too, or that you block it out quickly as well. 😉

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