Puppets are Real


A couple posts ago, I mentioned that my son has started to prefer one of his puppets to read to him before bed.  This has now expanded and seems to be full-speed heading into weirdness territory.  Now, he has to have a puppet floss and brush his teeth, help him get his pajamas on, etc.  Today, he took a nap for two and a half hours with his hand inside a bunny puppet.  I left the room tonight to get his water and when I came back, S said M had just finished telling his cow puppet (that had been in the room the whole time) the events of the last ten minutes: “M put on his jammas.  Mama getting M water and cereal.  M ready to read books.”  Whoa.  I am not sure what to make of it, but I think he thinks the puppets are real.  I know he sees our lips moving as we read to him with a fabric animal on our hands, but I don’t think he makes the connection.  I am pretty sure my son thinks puppets are real.  And that scares me a little more than the terribly annoying voice S does when she is pretending to be ‘Horse’.



One response to “Puppets are Real

  1. Now I’m not meaning to worry you further…but I immediately thought of the Furries subculture 😉

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