First Crush

P1060201Tonight, I witnessed what I think was my son’s first crush.  I hesitate to use that word because people often associate it with lust or romantic love.  When I say ‘crush’, I mean he was really awed by someone.  This someone’s name is Lilah.  She has these huge green eyes and a stripe of freckles across her face.  She is seven.  M, being two, stood mesmerized as Lilah jumped from rock to rock, in a circle, over and over again.  He stared with his mouth agape with, perhaps, even a little drool in the corners, as she went round and round.  Then, when she slowed down and came to a rest, I encouraged M to say hello and to not just stare.  He waved and smiled and walked over to a big rock near her and sat down, alternating between petting the rock and smiling at the object of his affection.

I love the amazement my son derives from things as small as a child running in circles.  I love that he knows nothing of war or violence or hunger or injustice.  The other day at gymnastics M was using a piece of foam to try to get his teacher.  She was kind of rolling around pretending that he had stabbed her with a sword.  I explained to her that he had a tickle stick and was tickling her and that he knows nothing of violent play..not yet, anyway. I know I can’t always shelter him, nor do I think that would protect him.  What I want to do is feed his curiosities, encourage relationship building and allow him the opportunity to soak up the joy of other children running in circles.  I think that will help him grow into the kind of man who speaks out against injustice, of all kinds.  That would make this mama proud.



One response to “First Crush

  1. Well said. I like the concept of a tickle stick! I think I will totally start using that.

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