Late Night


It is 10:19 p.m. and I just got home.  I went out on the town, sans wife or child.  I did it all by myself.  I have an art show up in town and I went to the opening.

Why is that important enough to write about?  Well, it has been cold or really rainy here for the last several days.  M and I have been stuck indoors and both seem like a break from each other would be nice.  He, in the depths of toddler-dom, has taken to reciting ‘no’ as if his life depends on it.  This happens regardless if he actually wants to do or have the thing I ask him about:  “Do you want crackers?” “No.”; “Would you like to go to gymnastics today?” “No.”; “Would you like a puppy or a kitten?” “No.” And so on and so on.

Today, when he was flipping over and over as I tried in vein to put on his nap-time diaper, I thought I might lose my mind.  Then it hit me: We are bored.  We do lots of thing together, but are both completely lost when we don’t get quality time with the sun.  (He must have gotten that from me.)

So, today’s art opening helped to quell the boredom for me and gave me a much needed respite from parenting.  I really needed that today.



One response to “Late Night

  1. I think it is SO important, and often overlooked, that parents should do something for themselves, by themselves every so often. I think it helps renew energy. I miss my kids when they are away from me and I from them… but I”m (usually) refreshed. I have talked to some that think this is selfish… to them I want to punch them in the knee. If you are not happy, how on earth can one work to help your kid be happy? I tend to gravitate toward exercise and face painting… and MNO at the local fondue place (negating most of the exercise!!) and if that’s selfish, then so be it… but being able to talk to someone that is not 4 or 7… it helps… a lot. I also have found infinite value in drop in childcare at the little’s gymnastics facility… those date nights also make a HUGE difference!!!
    I digress, good for you for getting out a little bit!! Do it more often!!

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