My son and I are twins who were separated at birth.  Well, maybe not.  But we do tend to dress alike more than once a week.  This might have to do with the fact that I dress us both: blue and white stripes, jeans with brown boots, gray hoodies.  Whatever.  While this used to be just by accident, now I think my subconscious makes me do it.  It tricks strangers into seeing the similarities in our facial features, “He definitely has your eyes.”  I have heard that more than once.  Each time, I smile and say thank you, feeling victorious inside.  I know it was the matching pea coats and Raybans that fooled them.  If we are able to have other children, it is quite possible they will inherit S’s olive skin and black hair.  Will people think I am the nanny?  Or just watching my kid and his friend?  I must start scheming now on new ways to trick people into seeing our sameness.  Just in case.
(P.S. That’s me on the right.)


3 responses to “Twins

  1. I have to say that I actually had these same thoughts. While people tell me all the time that my kids look lie me, I also still get the “where did you get them” question every once and a while. alas. But in particular when we are having a bad day and one of the kids is having a melt down… how long will it be until they realize that all they have to do is scream “you’re not my mom” and someone calls the cops. I mean, really that would probably never happen, but I have considered getting a wallet sized copy of their birth certificates just to prove that I am related to them… heh
    ANYWAY, I like the dressing alike on purpose or not!

  2. I love you. Unfortunately even a head-to-toe matching outfit would not make people think A and I look alike, but then, you knew that already. So it goes. Also, you look hot in that photo with your brother.

  3. Jamie loves it when he and I accidentally dress alike! I’ve never thought it was because he might actually want us to be of the same cloth. But now that you put it this way, I can see how he would want people to think we are part of being one and the same. It just reflects well on each other! 😉
    Same with you and M!

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