Flying Solo: Day Four


The home stretch, ladies and gentlemen, is within sight.  It is a mere 7:43pm and I am writing to you as my boy dreams of whatever it is little boys dream of.  Sometimes, he says he dreamed that our neighbors scared him.  Which is interesting since they might be the nicest people on the planet and probably wouldn’t know how to be scary if trying.

Tonight, I won’t write much as I have been up since 3:34a.m. (to be precise).  After having such a hard time going to sleep last night, my guy was up every 15 minutes from 3:34 until 5:30 when he decided to get up for the day.  Instead of complaining about how it is hard to breathe when one is this tired, I want to share a few things I am grateful for:
1) Having S come home tomorrow.  Not just for the help, but because she is my bestie and I miss her;
2) A silly boy who had a blast in the bath tub making the soap squirt up between his hands and fly away, landing with tremendous splashes;
3) Living near my mother who is willing to give her time and energy to M so that I can pursue that which soothes my soul (and she folded all my laundry);
4) The brilliant sunshine that made the cold-snap mostly pleasant today;5) Eminent sleep.


PS. Just as suspected, not one flake of snow.


One response to “Flying Solo: Day Four

  1. Martha Christensen

    I enjoy your postings so much. I empathize with the lack of sleep.

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