Flying Solo: Day Three


The weather here in North Carolina has been dismal, at best.  It has been pouring rain since the night before S left.  Like rivers coming over their banks, surface flooding and more kind of rain.  We haven’t seen the sun in…maybe five days?  I would like to see the sun tomorrow, but supposedly this rain is turning to snow tonight.  While I have delusions of sledding with my boy for the first time, the reality of North Carolina snow is that it is usually super wet and doesn’t stick around long enough to even gain yellow polka dots.  Fingers crossed, though.

Tonight, it took me 1 hour and 34 minutes after turning the light off to get M to sleep.  So much for last night’s victory!  He has only spoken of S twice today, both times he grinned with excitement when he remembers that Ima has promised to bring him “TWO presents, Mama.” He has decided that she will bring a puzzle and a book for him, not a stuffed animal.

I have been amazed at the resiliency M has shown over the last few days.  I have been less impressed with that of my dog.  Yes, the balls licking creature from last night.  Today, for the second time in three days, he took the dump of his life in my car.  When in the house, he is attached to me like white on rice.  He sighs deep, lonely sighs as I sit a foot and a half away on the couch, desperate for me to close the gap.  He is a royal pain in the ass.  Leo (the dog) has seemingly absorbed any potential for angst my son had starting on Tuesday, multiplied it and swallowed it whole.

So, this is where I end up tonight.  Faring well, better than expected, but ready for S to come home.  Until then, I will rock my boy for two hours if he needs it and try to tolerate my hemorrhoid of a canine. DSC09111


4 responses to “Flying Solo: Day Three

  1. Lawdy, I’m hoping you intended to publish that particular photo of your dear wee hemorrhoid…as that doesn’t look like a ‘dog toy’ to me 😉

    • Well, I did intend for that pic to be up for public consumption. Does your comment mean you want him? I can put him on a plane!

  2. I love reading what you write.
    Keep going, 1 more day…

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